National Custom Packing

National Custom Packing is a custom packing facility with sophisticated capabilities in polyethylene packaging and meal kit assembly. Located in Castroville, CA, the facility is adjoined to Central Cold Storage providing on-site frozen storage and a complete solution for your products.

  • Precision blending by weight
  • Multi weight scales introduce items by weight
  • 9 item blending capabilities
  • Seasoning & sauce options
  • Packages from 1 oz. up to 40 lbs.
  • Refrigerated processing area
  • Finished product testing
  • Ready-to-Eat Products
  • Organic Certified
  • SQF Certified
  • Trained QC staff on site
  • Complete allergen program
  • Social Audit compliant
  • FSMA compliant
  • USDA Certifications in meat and poultry with continuous inspections

National Custom Packing does contracted plant trial projects, national roll outs, and long-term supply agreements. National Custom Packing will make capital investments to provide the customer off balance sheet alternatives to allow the customer to focus on investing in the product line.

For information regarding pricing and product specifications, please call 831-633-0203.

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